Punk Panther Race Series

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2024 Race Series

For 2024 there are 4 race series. 50 Mile, 50km, 20 Mile & Half Marathon. Only points scored in each distance counts towards the Runner of the year trophy for that distance. There is one trophy in each group for M and F categories. In the 50 Mile Series, the best 4 from 6 races count and in the rest the best 6 from 9 results count.

Eligible events are as follows.

January: North Leeds Greenway*
February: Harrogate Hustle*
March: Welcome Way
April: Skipton Skedaddle
June: Ripon Stinger
July: Otley High Views
August: Six Dales Trail
September: Yorkshire Reservoir Dogs
November: Wharfedale Skyline*

*these events do not have a 50 mile race.

Points Scoring System

You score 2 points for each mile of the race completed. Then add bonus points calculated by 201 less the position in which you finish (you cannot score negative points).