When you have completed 1000 Punk Panther miles, at your next race you will be presented with a Special Hoodie, Commemorative Slate Plaque and Framed Certificate.

A list of your current total can be found in the
Hall of Fame section of the website.

Members of the 2000 Club
2001 Kev Limon

Members of the 1000 Club
001 Kev Limon
002 Ian Winstanley
003 James Ellis
004 David Coulthard
005 Richard Whitaker
006 Stephen Kirk
007 Caroline Rainbow
008 Grant Smalley
009 Andy Pickering
010 Matt Gibson
011 Chris Petch
012 Steve Dillon
013 John Levesconte
014 Imtiaz Ilahi
015 Chris Kirton
016 Pam Baird