About Punk Panther

Punk Panther Endurance Events Ltd started out as Punk Panther Ultra Marathons.

Punk Panther Ultra Marathons were created by Ryk Downes, who in his teenage years was a top Orienteer before a running hiatus of over 20 years. This break from running ended when he ran the 2003 London Marathon as the Punk Panther. Since then, Ryk has completed many Marathons, Ultra Marathons and other long distance challenges.  In January 2016 Ryk collapsed and ‘died’ from a hereditary heart condition. He was thankfully revived at the scene by passers-by by using a defibrillator and performing CPR.

A subsequent triple heart bypass in February 2016 saw him return to running in the Leeds Half Marathon three months later. Ryk then returned to ultra-distance running with the Hardmoors 60 in September 2016. Whilst recovering from his heart attack Ryk was looking for Ultra Marathons near to home. Finding few and wanting to give something back to the sport he has launched the Punk Panther Series from Otley. He is currently writing a book about his running experiences and the road to recovery and how for many people he has become an inspiration.

In 2021 Punk Panther Ultra Marathons evolved into Punk Panther Endurance Events Ltd. With Mark Limon and Bev Downes joining the management team and increasing the number of events to 13 per annum and adding Half Marathons and 20 mile races to the calendar.

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OUR Thanks

Our thanks go to the following local businesses for their help and support.

Sinclairs, Paper Stationery Manufacturer, Otley, Yorkshire (sinclairsproducts.com) kindly allow us to use their car park for a number of events that start and finish in Otley which is also used by Craftsman Tools who also kindly allow us to use it.

Yorkshire Runner and Active Numbers Sponsor Punk Panther Ultra Marathons

The Dales Way Association for endorsing The Dales Way Ultra

Friends of the Dales High Way for endorsing The Dales High Way Ultra