Marshalling Jobs

There are several marshalling jobs for volunteers on race day.

Car Park: To direct cars

To perform kit checks, hand out race numbers and trackers.

These are either refreshment stops (We provide the refreshments) where runners must pass through and have their times recorded.

Crossings: To help advise runners of traffic/trains, you cannot stop traffic and runners must decide for themselves if it is safe to cross.

You can sweep the course at the back to remove tape and signs and help the last runners if needed.

To record times, ensure all runners are ok and are fed and watered

To take runners back from the finish to the car park near the start.

If you would like to marshal or sweep a race you get marshal credits as below.
up to 4 hours = 1 marshal credit
over 4 hours = 2 marshal credits

Click the button below to view a table of Marshals who have earned the number of races shown.

Marshal Credits may be redeemed against races as follows:
1 Marshal Credit = Up to 28 Miles (Half Marathons, 20 Mile Races, Nidderdale Way Half Loop, Panther Takes The Hindmost)
2 Marshal Credits = Up to 56 Miles (All Race Series, River Aire Single, Nidderdale Way Full Loop, Jubilee Ultra)
3 Marshal Credits = Up to 84 Miles (Dales Way, Nidderdale Way Loop and a Half)
4 Marshal Credits = Up to 112 Miles (Dales High Way, River Aire Double, Nidderdale Way Double Loop)

Marshal credit discount codes are now individual and available upon request.

Marshal races earned are for 2021 onwards. A list of those earned and claimed can be found below. Please email if you spot an error. If you have older credits due please contact us also.

Marshal's Races Earned